Hailing from NYC the Mad Cows are taken over and it’s anything but hamburger! The Undah-Dub (plastic city / decibel recordings/distant drum) has teamed up with legendary performer Breeze to make the roughest nastiest, campiest anthems this side of art. International DJ, Undah-Dub has seen his career climb pretty fast. From local Miami DJ, to an overnight International success in a very short time, it’s hard to catch him with any down time. With a heavy roster of record releases including, 5 top 10 charted dance singles over the last few years. His production and DJ schedule shows no sign of slowing down. Undah-Dub is at the top of his game and he continues to create musical journey’s unlike no one else. Breeze is a legendary performance artist who has persevered and is still changing the way we look at “shows”. This underground artist has persevered through years of solid work and countless artistic endeavors in the social scene of New York City and beyond since the late eighties and he still has the city in a fierce chokehold by wowing them with his ever growing catalog of music. Breeze keeps reinvented his style with the changing times and has yet to slow down. Collectively, these 2 long time friends combined their forces and have been turning dance floors out with a slew of successful singles. These include the smash hit “Bump of House”, and it’s follow up “Welcome to No York”. With an album in the works and the formation of their new production company, in which they will pen songs for legendary and up and coming performers, the Mad Cows will have everyone clamoring for more. And they are definitely going to give it you, so keep looking over your shoulder